Protect your Suede Handbag with 5 Top Tips

by Sarah Dickard

We want to give you 5 tips on how to protect, clean, and preserve your suede bags for years to come.

But first, let’s distinguish why suede must be cared for differently than regular treated leather.

Suede and leather are two sides of the same coin. Both are leather, but suede is the underside of the skin, giving it that fuzzy, soft, and fibrous feel. Suede is delicate leather because it is more porous, and therefore quickly absorbs liquids and dirt. So you will find it may feel less durable than regular leather.

How to take care of Suede Leather

Being the porous leather it is, my own suede shoes immediately attracted dirt and show all kinds of stains within a year of use. Unfortunately, I did not realize suede could be cared for in the same way leather can be preserved, so I hope this helps you just as much as it is helping me!
How to protect your suede handbag

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