Fair Trade Apprenticeship

We offer an ten week unpaid apprenticeship program that focuses on giving a glimpse of what it takes to be a entrepreneur. 

We take a "learning by doing" approach & are interested in self-motivated individuals willing to commit to 10 - 15 hours a week. Apprentices can be located in Austin or non-locals can check in weekly via Skype.

We’ve decided to grow our team a bit unconventionally around here at Purse & Clutch. We see it as a platform where go-getters can create their own start-up job based on what they believe they can offer & where that intersects with the current needs of P&C. While certainly not guaranteed or required, one possible outcome of the Apprenticeship Program is to have Apprentices stay on at P&C and develop a new program or channel to help spread the word about Ethical Fashion.

Each week we focus on a different aspect of social business:

Week 1: Purse & Clutch Orientation
Week 2: What is Fair Trade and Why does it Matter?
Week 3: Brick-and-Mortar vs. Online Experiences
Week 4: Small Businesses & E-Commerce

Week 5: Strategic Messaging
Week 6: 
Week 7: Marketing Strategy
Week 8: Public Relations
Week 9: Scalability
Week 10: Reflections & Final Presentations

The Apprenticeship is offered twice a year. The Winter session is geared towards folks out of school who have experience in the business or non-profit world. The Summer Session is geared toward students. 

Currently accepting applications for Summer (June/July) 2017 & Winter (Jan/Feb) 2018. In an effort to keep the Apprenticeship free of charge, there is a $25 application fee due to increase in volume of applicants.   

Here's what some of our Former Apprentices have to say about their experience:

“I was able to gain essential business experience, from marketing to e-commerce. Having a very hands on approach gave me the opportunity to see an idea transform into something tangible. I loved everything about the internship and feel equipped with the skill set to potentially start my own business someday.” - Jordan 

"As an aspiring future business owner, the apprenticeship at Purse & Clutch has been invaluable to me in my pursuits. The P&C team have put together a thorough and inspiring program that I enthusiastically recommend to future entrepreneurs looking to change the world through Fair Trade!" - Anna 

"After this program, my knowledge and confidence to pursue a social business of my own has increased tremendously! Working with Purse & Clutch has made it clear that social business can have a profound impact on the people the business exists to serve while delivering a great product and running an efficient and productive business." - Shara 

"I would highly recommend this apprenticeship to anyone thinking about creating their own ethical business or getting involved in this space. I've learnt heaps, got a proper reality check at times, and I'm left feeling more inspired than ever. Getting a glimpse into how Purse & Clutch is run left me in no doubt that a lot of hard graft, perseverance and skills are required, yet all I hear when Jen talks about it is her passion - a reminder that the easy road is never the most rewarding!"  - Frederique 

"The apprenticeship program with Purse & Clutch gave a me a new perspective on what it means to be an entrepreneur. There are a million ways to build a small business but P&C is doing it in a way that is fresh and competitive in our increasingly 'online' world." - Gilyn

Fair Trade Apprenticeship Program