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We believe that we are connected with the men & women who make our clothes whether we're intentional about that relationship or not. One of our goals here at Purse & Clutch is to make buying Fair Trade & Ethically sourced items as easy as possible by curating beautifully made & beautifully priced handbags & other accessories to help create sustainable jobs for the artisans who make them. 

The way we've chosen to grow our team has been to see Purse & Clutch as a platform for driven, entrepreneurial minded folks with a passion to change the fashion industry by fostering better connections between artisans & markets, and are looking for just the place to try out their ideas & to practice skills to either better prepare themselves for a job they would find more meaningful or to create their own job within Purse & Clutch. 

We have several entry points for differing levels of involvement & locations:

Join our Insights Focus Group

We believe that the more bright minds working on a project, the better the outcome. When that project is sustainable employment for men & women in Ethiopia & Guatemala, we take that task very seriously. With responsible decision making  in mind, we believe in building strategy from data driven insights. That’s where you come in - you fashion gurus, you data analysts, you curious puzzle solvers. Join our Fall 2017 Sessions to provide insights (both initial reactions + researched analysis) on product development,  branding & marketing, & consumer market trends to help us create a strong brand that will continue to provide empowering employment opportunities for years & years to come.

Ethical Fashion Feedback Insights Group

Become an Apprentice

Founder & Director Jen Lewis offers an ten week unpaid apprenticeship program that focuses on giving a glimpse of what it takes to be a entrepreneur. This is a great way to learn the ins & outs of a social business as well as to see where your skills & passions may fit with the current needs at P&C if you should choose to stay on & create a position or program! This can be done in Austin or remotely and is a 15 - 20 hour a week commitment. 

Fair Trade Apprenticeship Program

Host a Workshop or Party

If you're passionate about Fair Trade & fashion and are looking for a way to introduce it to your friends, open up your home, schedule a conference room, or connect in a local coffee shop with your friends & colleagues. We'll pair you with an Ethical Style Director in your area (currently the Austin & Shreveport areas) to help you put together the kind of workshop or shopping event that gets you excited!

Fair Trade Ambassador Program



Have something different in mind? We'd love to chat! Drop us a line here.