P&C Parties

P&C Home Parties

Join us in telling the fair side of fashion!

A P&C Party is an excuse to have your friends & family over to talk about ethical style! You'll open up your home to your community & to a P&C Ambassador for a few hours and you get the opportunity to share your favourite Purse & Clutch pieces with them.  

Don't worry, you'll be partnered with an Ethical Style Ambassador who will come with P&C handbags, all her knowledge of our artisan groups, and sustainable style. No two parties are alike. Some fabulous hosts simply send out a text to a bunch of friends and open their doors, while others have matching decor & food. And we welcome it all!

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Why host a P&C Party?

Your Impact

When you host a P&C Party, you give others the opportunity to learn about the importance of conscious consumerism and the life-changing impact it has on the artisans who create our products. Opening up your home to friends to share the stories of our fairly made bags and the people who make them, helps to change the culture of fast fashion to one that is empowering to artisans around the world.

Sustainable Styling

Have you ever thought that ethical fashion didn’t fit your style? We did too! At P&C Parties you’ll get tips on how to build a more ethical wardrobe that’s still beautiful. Re-discover the fun of shopping, knowing that with a little intentionality, you can do so affordably, stylishly, and sustainably.

Having Fun!

We’re excited to have you join the movement of ethical advocates and know that your friends will have fun exploring a new way of shopping. And we'll have an Ambassador with you every step of the way to help!

So, why not host a P&C Party?! Friends, shopping, mimosas, desserts, laughter, & stories about changing lives for the better. Yes Please!

Ethical Fashion Home Shows


Oh, and did we mention you can earn rewards to get your favorite Purse & Clutch bags?

To thank you for hosting a P&C party we’d like to offer you rewards to get your favorite Purse & Clutch bag. You can pick the one you’ve had your eye during your party or shop online once all your friends head home.

If the sales at your show are between $250 & $499, you'll get 15% off your entire order. 
If the sales at your show are between $500 & $749, you'll get 25% off your entire order.
If the sales at your show are between $750 & $999, you'll get 35% off your entire order.
If the sales at your show are over $1000, you'll get 50% off your entire order.

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