Apprenticeship Program


Our Apprenticeship E-Course gives a glimpse of what it looks like to be a social entrepreneur with a "learn by doing" project-based approach. 

Each week it focuses on a different aspect of social business through the case study of Founder Jen Lewis' experiences over the last 8+ years in running Purse & Clutch:

Slow Fashion Socially Conscious Apprenticeship Program

Ethical Fashion Brand Apprenticeships


Who should apply?

The best candidates are self-motivated individuals willing to commit to 10 - 15 hours a week who are either new to the ethical fashion world & interested in determining if this could be a pathway for them or are in the early stages of launching a social business.

We see the Apprenticeship Program as a platform where go-getters can learn from a real world business & can take that hands on knowledge to start something of their own and/or to learn what aspects of a social business that they are especially equipped to do well. The course is for both students & professionals alike. 

What is the process for enrollment?

    1. Submit you application here.
    2. Purchase your spot (if you aren't accepted in the program you will be issued a full refund). Your application won't be considered without payment.
    3. We will notify all applicants within a week receiving payment.

When is the next Apprenticeship Session?

We are accepting apprentices on a rolling basis. 

What are the next steps after I submit my application?

If accepted into the program, you will receive automated weekly emails on the start date of your choice. 

What are the videos from Jen like?


Other questions? Reach out to

What Former Apprentices are saying about their experience:

“I was able to gain essential business experience, from marketing to e-commerce. Having a very hands on approach gave me the opportunity to see an idea transform into something tangible. I loved everything about the apprenticeship and feel equipped with the skill set to potentially start my own business someday.” - Jordan from Oklahoma City, OK

"As an aspiring future business owner, the apprenticeship at Purse & Clutch has been invaluable to me in my pursuits. The P&C team have put together a thorough and inspiring program that I enthusiastically recommend to future entrepreneurs looking to change the world through Fair Trade!" - Anna from Dallas, TX

"After this program, my knowledge and confidence to pursue a social business of my own has increased tremendously! Working with Purse & Clutch has made it clear that social business can have a profound impact on the people the business exists to serve while delivering a great product and running an efficient and productive business." - Shara from Boulder, CO

"I would highly recommend this apprenticeship to anyone thinking about creating their own ethical business or getting involved in this space. I've learnt heaps, got a proper reality check at times, and I'm left feeling more inspired than ever."  - Frederique from London, England

"The apprenticeship program with Purse & Clutch gave a me a new perspective on what it means to be an entrepreneur." - Gilyn from Austin, TX

Hear former Apprentice Jacquie Ring talk about her experience on the Business with Purpose Podcast!

Brands whose owners have participated in the program:

Moesel Clothing The Beauty Clause Unravel Co Socially Conscious Business Apprenticeship Fair Trade Apprenticeships   Ethical Fashion Apprenticeship Fair Trade Apprentices Fair Trade Apprenticeship Remotely

We've also had students from the following universities participate:

Fair Trade Apprentices Fair Trade Business Apprenticeship Ethical Fashion Business Apprenticeship Student Apprenticeship Program for Social BusinessesSocial Business Apprentice Program