India Production

Handcrafted India Leather Purses

In India, the age-old craft of leather crafting has been carried from one generation to the next by master artisans training master artisans for hundreds of years. But unfortunately, the global demand to produce leather faster & cheaper has decreased the value of these master craftsmen. In rural areas especially, many artisans struggle to find consistent employment.

Your purchase helps empower & employ the artisans who made it.

Sourcing the Leather

Our artisan partners work with remnant buffalo leather, which means it was first purchased by factories in large quantities & then either discarded or left for waste after their orders were fulfilled.

This perfectly good left-over leather is then rescued by a local merchant where our partners start their search for enough of the right leather that's a close match to what we've designed for the season. 

Consistency from season to season is difficult, but that's what makes each small batch perfectly unique & a sustainable source for our leather.

Remnant Leather Shop in India

Sewing piece by piece

The leather is then cut by hand using a template to get the exact measurements. 

Handcrafting Leather Wallets

Carefully cut leather production process 

Hand finished details

After the handbag is carefully assembled, it's sewn together by hand on a sewing machine with care. These final details are incredibly time consuming, but the effect on the finished handbag is clear: this is high quality work. 

Handmade Leather Handbags from India 

As we continue to grow, we can provide dignified, sustainable employment for even more artisans in India.

We’re eager to continue to provide additional work with your help through your purchases & by helping us spread the word that we can make a difference little by little - handbag by handbag.