Set of Ethical Principles
Purse & Clutch Ethical Principles

Here at Purse & Clutch, we're committed to the following set of values:

  • There is no forced labor or child labor
  • Artisans are paid a living wage for their region & work in a positive environment
  • We have a long term relationship of sustainable work with each of our artisan groups
  • Our artisan groups are conscious of their social, economic, & environmental impact on their country & ours using as many natural techniques & dyes as possible
  • We have a strict nondiscrimination policy based on gender, race, caste, political affiliation or age

You can read in depth about our specific production process & practices within each of our partner artisan groups: Mexico, Guatemala & Ethiopia

Ethical Supply Chain

From Lindsey Owens, Quality Control Manager from our Guatemala Collection:

In Guatemala, the opportunities for women to work are very limited. The jobs that do exist consist of 12 hour work days for minimal pay. These working conditions don't allow women to take care of their children or their homes. The opportunity to work for a socially responsible company like Purse & Clutch is life changing to these women. Not only are they able to provide financially for their children, but also be able to be at home more & participate in the lives of their children. 

The ladies have experienced so much personal success since they began working. One of the ladies was never able to go to school & can't read or write. Through working she has gained confidence in herself & her abilities and is now going to classes in order to learn to read. Another woman, opened up a bank account (which is basically unheard of) in order to save for her children's future. 

The ladies have also developed strong friendships with one another. Single mothers are often treated as outcasts in the villages. These ladies have formed strong bonds with each other & act as family by encouraging each other, spending time outside of work together, & helping take care of each other's children. This opportunity has not only provided employment for these ladies but empowered them in all areas of life!

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