Fair Trade Christmas Stockings

Here's what I love about Fair Trade done right:

Fair Trade Christmas Stockings

What first draws your attention is it's fantastic shape.

Then you notice the uniquely adorable texture of the fabric. You can't quite put your finger on it, but you know it's different. Made with care, perhaps.

And then the details! Two of the exact same item suddenly look nothing alike as you discover the processes that are done by hand. 

And because of your purchase you're able to help provide a job by buying something you're already in love with. 

That is something I want to be carrying with me everyday. Hanging in my home. 

Later you hear about how it was made. That there were 8 different artisans involved in the slow process of hand carding, botanically dyeing, hand weaving & stitching. 

And so, we're super excited to show you our collection of Christmas Stockings this year straight from Guatemala:

And because part of the mission of Purse & Clutch is to make buying Fair Trade easy, we've worked hard to keep our prices affordable! That means you can get a set of 4 for under $100.

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