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Ethical Bridesmaids Gifts that they will LOVE!

Guide to the perfect ethically made bridesmaid gift

Let me guess…
You bought your wedding dress through one of the following methods:
Thrift store bought & tailored to fit your figure,
Hand sewn & stitched from a friend or relative,
Made in the USA,
Ethically sourced from an eco-conscious, organic, sustainable, & ethically principled business,
Or you borrowed from a friend, sister, mother, or grandmother or rented from a website.
So now,
You need to make sure your ladies & gents are not only looking fashionable & coordinated
But also,
Ethical, fair trade, sweatshop free, sustainable, organic, & green
Our ethical bridal party guide will help you find
THE perfect bridal gifts, whatever your style may be,
With their happiness in mind,
And your conscious at heart.

Choose a bridal style below or scroll down to see them all:

 Traveler / Adventurer Personalized / Custom Vintage / Rustic
Big Party Elegant Fairy Tale
Beach Bold

Traveler Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Are you a traveler & adventurer?

Bridesmaid’s gifts:
Give an eco-friendly aluminum tumbler **can’t find any fair trade travel tumblers**
Take a pottery class with your bridal party and make your own lovely coffee mug.
Pick up those masterpieces
Fill with some fair trade coffee or tea
There are over 500 fair trade coffee roasters…
So there is NO WAY we can list all of them
But we will give you the tools to find your own
Here is a list of Fair Trade Certified Coffee and Tea partners: http://fairtradeusa.org/products-partners/coffee; https://fairtradeusa.org/products-partners/tea
The Good Trade blog lists some big brand favorites: http://www.thegoodtrade.com/features/fair-trade-coffee-brands
If you’re not interested in sifting through the long lists
You would rather support smaller brands
We recommend the following: **choose more companies***

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Custom Bridesmaid Clutches

Everything will have your personal touch, down to the smallest details

Custom design your own bridesmaid’s clutches with
Choose between 2 adorable styles, 
Pick your color,
Find the fabric that speaks to you,
And give your best friends a clutch that is both
Thoughtful and meaningful.
Not to mention ethically made in Guatemala just for them.
Add in a handmade perfume with essential oils
Will make your bridesmaids feel
And loved.
Try these amazing choices
or check out these two ready made natural options from J. Hannah Co. 

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Rustic Gifts for your Bridesmaids

You love the vintage, antique, or rustic look

Bridesmaid’s gifts:
Pick up some vintage wine glasses from a thrift store
Fill with ethical chocolate
Here is a long list of companies: http://www.slavefreechocolate.org/ethical-chocolate-companies/
Here is another Good Trade recommended list: http://www.thegoodtrade.com/features/fair-trade-chocolate
Here are our top favorites:
**choose fair trade chocolate companies we like**
Kitchen towels are one of the most useful things a girl could ask for
But, they are the last thing anyone likes to buy for themselves.
Skip Anthropologie
And instead
Find your local farmers market,
Boutique shop,
Or small business,
And grab an adorably designed, screen printed kitchen towel.
Mix and match the patterns or prints for each friend’s personality!

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Big Wedding Party Bridesmaid Gifts

You don’t care what your wedding looks like, as long as you throw the biggest party!

Grab some wine and your favorite snacks
And take a “Paint and Sip” class!
Here in Austin, we have
Pinot’s Palette: https://www.pinotspalette.com/
Painting with a Twist: https://www.paintingwithatwist.com/
Find something similar in your area
Not only do you get to take home your own personal souvenir,
The memories you share together will be forever.
Continue making memories by getting some professional pictures together.
Grab the friend who is trying to get their photography business up and running
(We all know someone)
And ask them to get pictures made of you and your groupies.
Get cute, dress up
And share those hilarious and ridiculous moments together.
Print your favorites at your local print shop
And frame them with these sustainable picks: Enrou carrying Matr Boomie (http://enrou.co/collections/home-goods/products/pearl-artemis-frame-rectangle?variant=16851956293) 
**should I list some options?**

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Elegant Wedding Bridesmaid Gifts

Your wedding will be absolutely elegant & decadent

Take a road trip with your friends to the nearest organic vineyard.
Laugh, talk, drink,
And buy everyone their favorite bottle of wine.
Take your favorite ladies to the spa for some special treatment.
Relax and chill,
Then get some brunch at the most delightful café,
And pass out an ethically made Fold Over Clutch filled with
Sustainably sourced lotions, soaps, and chap sticks.
Here are some of our top picks to get you started:
**list top picks for soaps, lotions, chap sticks**
https://www.handinhandsoap.com/pages/meet-the-team - guessing this is fair trade made but doesn’t say where they actually make the bars
Fair Squared
Zambeezi Organic
create your own lip balm product through: http://my.ecolips.com/

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Fairy Tale Wedding Bridesmaid Gifts

You are a princess, and everyone knows it!

Jewelry is the classic go-to option for bridal gifts
And this will be no exception.
But this time, skip the large retailers and go for the handmade artist you found on
Your favorite farmer’s market,
Or find hundreds of fair trade jewelry suppliers online.
If we were interested in finding some lovely sweatshop-free jewelry,
We would recommend these awesome finds:
**make a list of our top jewelry finds**
We know you can’t help but hop on the trend of getting
Gorgeous, silk robes
To make every one of your friends feel oh-so-pretty.
Here are some easy options to choose from:
http://www.market.unicefusa.org/clothing/womens/robes/ - need to make sure all of the robes listed were fairly made

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Laid Back Bride's Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

You soak up the sun, breathe freely, & this wedding is not EVEN stressing you out

Grab an ethically made beach bag - 

Ethically Made Beach Bags

And fill it with some sustainably made sandals
Or just forget making choices for people
And simply give a
Gift Card.
Choose a gift card to the best
Movie theatre,
Online business,
Ice cream shop,
or local boutique!

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Bold Wedding Bridesmaid Gifts

You’ve got the biggest personality in the room & you are gonna rock this wedding
Your gal pals love their makeup
And Better.
So grab a makeup bag in peach or blush and fill it with some of the best fair trade makeup on the market.
http://www.thegoodtrade.com/lists/cruelty-free-makeup-brands- list of various brands, need to sift through them
Let’s be honest…
All anyone ever wants at a wedding is booze.
Start partying early by getting a customized flask.
sustainable high top shoes: http://ethletic.com/en/
Just remember, these girls are
Your number one fan
And you all-time favorites.
You want them to feel
Ethical Bridesmaid Gifts for every Style

When to buy the gift-

When do you give the bridal party their gift

No’s- if you have to wear it in the wedding, it doesn’t feel like a gift

Gift categories- https://www.theknot.com/content/inspiring-bridesmaid-gift-ideas

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