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Meet our Apprentices!

Socially Conscious Apprenticeship
February 08, 2017 by Jen Lewis

Ethically Made Stocking Stuffers

Ethically Made Stocking Stuffers
December 20, 2016 by Sarah Dickard

Ethical Gift Guide for Kids

Kids Christmas Ethical Gift Guide
November 22, 2016 by Sarah Dickard

A Gilmore Girls Guide to Fall Fashion 2016

by Sarah Dickard

Is anyone else excited about Gilmore Girls coming out with brand new episodes this Thanksgiving 2016?! Not only am I nostalgic for their witty commentary and girly story lines, I have missed their fashionable styles!

I remember watching this show in high school and admiring everything Lorelai Gilmore wore from her bandanas and baseball tee’s to her flair denims paired with a professional suit jacket and button down shirt. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these fall fashion 2016 styles show up in this upcoming Gilmore season.

November 01, 2016 by Sarah Dickard

Ethical Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

When I was a kid, there was always one house or one neighborhood we always had to drop by because they handed out the full king sized candy bars. No one wants the lame candy - and no one wants the boring old cheap, plastic pumpkin buckets.

Looking for a more sustainable container for your kids to carry around their candy?

If you are all about utility and less about flair, here are some alternatives:

October 25, 2016 by Sarah Dickard