A blank white room.

A blank white room.

A new studio.

A blank white room that we can do with whatever we want.

A chance to clear out the old & bring in the new.

This season for Purse & Clutch has been a lot about growth & focus.

Really leaning into what we do well, leaving behind what’s not serving us & using that to continue to propel our impact forward as we’re able to support more work for more artisans than ever before!

One of the key tenants of this growth season has been learning to rely on you more.

YOU are what makes the dignified work we’re able to provide around the world possible.

And several of you have already reminded me of this when I announced the studio move. So many kind friends & folks in this community already asking how & when they can help.

So I had my lovely team member Jen C, whose organizational skills rival most, put together a list of ways that people can help.


Sign up to help HERE!

I am continually blown away by the ways in which y’all show up & can’t wait to show you the new space either IRL or virtually!
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