It's our 1-year anniversary of being a Certified B Corporation!

It's our 1-year anniversary of being a Certified B Corporation!

When I started Purse & Clutch in 2011, it was with the sole purpose of supporting fair wages for artisans in places where dignified employment opportunities didn’t exist.

I’m so proud that now, 13 years later we’re continuing to do that work & expanding our impact through sustainable employment year after year.

What is a B Corp?

A Certified B Corp is a business that meets high standards of social & environmental performance, accountability, and transparency through a third party validation.

Certification involves a rigorous assessment covering governance, workers, community, environment & customers.

This year has been one of strategic growth.

Just as your kid grows up to be a little more independent each year, I’ve been able to spend more time thinking about & planning for ways we can increase our reach & support even more fair wage opportunities

The first has been with our Custom Branding option - this past year we’ve produced custom mini Dopp Kits for brides & grooms with their wedding date embossed on the side for a Wedding Planner.

We’ve made custom leather journals for a Bookkeeper & for a Recruiter to send as thank you gifts for her clients. We’ve partnered with five different small town boutiques to create their own line, supporting the impact they’re having as community gathering places in the process.

Each of these collaborations has allowed us to pass along even more work to our artisan partners than we could have alone.

This has lead me to create a very in-depth framework From Sketch to Product where I teach people who have had a dream for creating a physical product exactly where to start and walk them through every step of the way so that when they do launch their idea, it’s with ethical labor practices!  

Thank you for your support & your trust in our mission.

I truly couldn’t have made these big strides without your loyalty & engagement.

If you know anyone who would be interested in collaborating with us to continue to push our mission forward, I’d love it if you pass this along!

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