Fair Trade Christmas Ornaments

What better way to introduce a little more Fair Trade into your life than with adorable, unique Christmas Ornaments for your tree? And it can be a really neat way to initiate conversations with your kids about the importance of giving (especially around the Holidays). 

Ornaments also make for thoughtful hostess gifts for a holiday party or a unique gift for people who tend to be harder to buy for!

Let's start with these charming handmade Copper Bells from India ($10.00 ea).


This handmade bell is crafted from recycled iron sheets which is covered in copper alloys - making each one wonderfully unique!

Next, these gorgeous hand painted paper mache ornaments from India ($10.00 ea). 

Fair Trade Hand Painted Ornaments

These are from a company called Seven Hopes United. On their website, they say that

"If every family in America made just one Fair Trade purchase a year it would lift one million families out of poverty."

They believe that consumers have the power to make a difference by supporting sustainable and fair business practices in their everyday purchases. Their dream is to help empower and enrich the lives of communities worldwide by providing a means to a living wage for thousands of disadvantaged artisans and their families. That's a company worth getting behind! 

Next we have these adorably quirky hand carved gourds from Sanyork Fair Trade at the Eco Market ($10.68 ea)

Fair Trade Owl Ornaments

Sanyork Fair Trade is located just outside of Lima, Peru. Each owl gourd ornament has been hand-carved and naturally colored with fire by a Peruvian artist Cirilo Hurtado following a technique that dates over 4,000 years. Every artisan they work with makes an above average income for their work and uses eco-friendly sustainable or recycled raw materials. Social justice, sustainability and compassion are at the core of their mission. And seriously, who doesn't want these adorable owls nesting in their Christmas Tree this year?!

Next we have these stunning recycled Glass Ornaments (Set of 6 for $36.00) with kantha (traditional Indian embroidered cotton) ties:

Recycled Glass Christmas Ornaments

These are from a company called Nectar, that believes that all the spaces we inhabit and even pass through should be inspiring. That behind each object, there should be a story or a visceral memory, and not merely a purchase.

And finally, we have found the perfect kantha garland to festoon your tree or fireplace mantle.


Kantha is a traditional embroidery technique from India (see our Kantha handbags here and here). This garland is from World Finds, who believe that a small shift in buying habits can make a huge difference in the lives of low-income artisans in the developing world. And that by purchasing Fair Trade products you ensure the artisans are getting paid a fair wage, have good working conditions, and have access to healthcare and education.

We'd love to hear about companies and Fair Trade ornaments you've fallen in love with this season in the comments below!

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