Thanks for a great year!

Oh! the people & organizations we have to thank for their generosity this year!

To the 2nd Street District: What gracious hosts you have been! Your beautiful space has been a wonderful home for these past few months

To Charlotte and the team at PayPal: I honestly don't know what we would have done without your generous gift of a Point of Sale system as well as you incredible marketing help. Charlotte - you are the best!

To my friends who I've not really seen in months and who have bought many, many Christmas gifts from P&C: Thank you for coming by and bringing me coffee, for excusing my absence at just about every social gathering, and for overlooking the glazed look in my eye when you have graciously visited. 

To my husband who has held down the fort at home: Thank you for you patience, for supporting me as I venture out in a new realm, and for enabling me to pursue my dream of helping those with limited opportunities. 

To the city of Austin: How considerate of you to have a bus stop just in front of my apartment that goes directly to the shop. You've made sharing a car much easier than anticipated in the middle of this crazy season.

To our artisan groups: Wow! Thank you so very much for working so hard so we could fill our shop with your beautiful handiwork. Thank you, especially, to Craftworks Cambodia for churning out so many lovely scarves so quickly!

To Kristen of The Mrs. & The Momma and Indiana of Adored Austin: Thank you both so very much for co-hosting our Scarf Week Happy Hour even in the middle of crazy family life. Your partnership was such an encouragement to me just when I needed it!

To the woman who's USPS route the shop was on: You made my day every time you came in the shop. Thank you for your consistently positive outlook on light and sharing that with me on your route. 

To the incredibly supportive Austin Center for Design community: Your visits, sending you mothers, friends, girlfriends, and aunts have meant so much to me. 

To my lovely employees: You gave me the gift of sanity and for that I will always be grateful. When I left the shop, I didn't have to give it another thought knowing it was in your capable hands. Thank you for buying in to the story of P&C so quickly and so holistically. And Melissa, I don't know what we would have done without your iPad and your heater - you are a lifesaver and an amazing friend!

Here's to a great New Year! Happy 2014 to the P&C community!!

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