Why ...and Such?

The Purse & Clutch team is pretty passionate that everything we buy in our day to day lives are ethically made as much as possible. The more artisan groups we partner with and the more stories we hear about what living wage jobs are doing for the men & women involved the more passionate we become. I know for me, I learned about ethical fashion through running an ethical fashion business.

I can attest first hand that small changes in how we shop can make a monumental difference both in developing countries as well as in ourselves. We're slowing fashion down & in the process learning to become a bit more present in our day to day interactions. 

Handbags have been a lovely way for us to start & an incredible foundation to build upon. Most women need something to put their things in during the day!

Fair Trade Artisan Group

When we first started, our artisan groups were young. They were still figuring out just where their talents were & which designs were show stoppers. Five years later & the growth is astounding! We feel like we're partnering with the best of the best to bring our community of conscious shoppers high quality, beautifully designed handbags at a reasonable price. 

So we started to look to what was next. How else we could serve you with gorgeous curated items that are ethically made & making a difference in creating sustainable jobs in the lives of the artisans we've worked with? How else to help expand what the artisans we're partnering with can do to continue to expand how many artisans we can connect to you?

With connections to amazing leather makers & sewers in Ethiopia, impeccable hand loomers in Guatemala, & ... we wanted to keep them busy & keep them growing. 

So Purse & Clutch became Purse & Clutch ...and Such. 

Ethical Home Goods

We started in April with a collection of fun & whimsy.

Ethical Summer Travel Accessories

Last month we showcased May: Summer Travels with bright colors & incredible textiles.

Let's just say you're going to LOVE June: Ethical Entertaining coming out this Friday at noon. L.O.V.E. 

...And such is changing & growing each month as we figure out how to make ethical shopping fun, exciting, & beautiful. We've lengthened the time from 24 hour access to 48 hour access starting with this coming collection to make sure everyone has time in their busy weekends to snag the items they have their eye on! 

We'd love to hear what you'd like to see in upcoming collections & how we can best serve you as you continue to choose to care how things are made!

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