5 of our Favorite Fair Trade Blogs

Making changes to the way we make purchases can be really difficult. One way we've found to stay motivated and to help expand our horizons on what living responsibly can look like is by following other's journeys through Fair Trade & ethical living. 

We've compiled a list of five of our go to blogs for inspiration and insight:

1. Do A Little Good

Fair Trade Blog


This empowering blog focuses on encouraging and equipping women –specifically moms– to engage in the fight against human trafficking. It works to provide a space to curate and share ideas, information and simple action steps that moms can weave into their busy lives, and to enable women to mobilize their feelings and empathy into action.

We love that Do a Little Good is focused on do-able action steps for regular women. It's a wonderful resource for ways to be involved in fighting human trafficking and everyday activism. 

Chelsea, the blogger behind the blog, is the real deal. Last Christmas she decided to host a Fair Trade Christmas shopping event for her friends (which, incidentally, has continued to grow far beyond) so they could be sure not to support slavery with their gift shopping. She continues to inspire us by the way she puts action behind her passion. 

Her blog is full of amazing resources, inspirational quotes, and her own personal experience. One post that particularly struck us was Why me? Why not her? Why you? 

2. Fair Trade Warrior

Fair Trade Fashion Blog


Catie puts together some seriously adorable Fair Trade outfits and is a great way to discover new Fair Trade brands. We really like her green outfit here. (And we may already own that gorgeous Mata Traders necklace in navy…) 

What we appreciate about the Fair Trade Warrior blog is Catie's light-hearted approach to Fair Trade. All too often we find ourselves bogged down in the hurt and pain of the fashion sweatshop industry. It's a refreshing change to celebrate the beauty of the Fair Trade industry!

3. Let's Be Fair

Fair Trade Blog


While not limited to Fair Trade Fashion, Let's Be Fair is a must read blog. They cover everything from ethical wedding rings to furniture. We are especially smitten by their creative Fair Trade round ups. Check out this Super Bowling Ethical Round Up post. 

According to their about page:

They believe that people are the Earth's most valuable and irreplaceable resource.

They believe that the relationship between people who like beautiful things, people who sell ethical things and people who make exceptional things can not only be mutually beneficial but can create the type of world where all people can flourish.

They believe that a thoughtful and ethical lifestyle can be stylish, affordable and fun!

That's pretty easy to get behind!!

4. Lifestyle: Justice

Blog focused on Justice


This adorable blog is full of lovely ethical wedding tips with gorgeous pictures, practical ideas on how to help those around you in need, and even unique Fair Trade food suggestions. 

We really love Hannah's honest, straightforward point of view and her heart really shines through her writing. She speaks from her experiences and her passion to live a life devoted to justice. Reading her posts makes us feel like we're getting a rare peak into her journey of exploring how to live consciously. It's a delight to explore and discover alongside Hannah. 

5. For the Love of Justice

Fair Trade Justice Blog


Jessica's blog packs a punch! Full of wonderful lists of ethical places to shop, inspirational quotes, and thoughtful book reviews, For the Love of Justice is a pleasure to read and learn from. We're especially taken with her post on The Broke Girl's Guide to Fair Trade

During the month of October, Jessica posted a 31 day crash course in Fair Trade with the goal of informing, inspiring and challenging us to think about the purchases we make every day and how to use them to create good for people all around the world. You can see the break down here and dive right in!


We'd love to discover more Fair Trade Blogs that you love. Leave a link to your favorite Fair Trade bloggers in the comments to keep the conversation going!


Purse & Clutch Owner Jen LewisAuthor: Jen Lewis is Owner & Director of Purse & Clutch. You can connect with Jen on . She has been running P&C since 2011 and gets excited about connecting resources to needs. 

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