Responsible Alternatives to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is almost upon us. 

I'm not sure how it got started, but my husband and I have it worked out so that he plans it one year, and I plan it the next. Last year we have a riveting game of Pin the Hat on Audrey Hepburn which means that it's my year to plan. (And yes, we do still have this poster he made up in our apartment!)

Valentine's Day Ideas 2014

I'm always looking for responsible alternative ways to celebrate holidays and Valentine's Day is no different. I thought I'd bring you along my search through the internet for eco-friendly, thoughtful Valentine's Day plans. 

Ideas to Celebrate:

1. This article outlines several ideas of how to spend your day (or weekend): 16 Charitable Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day. (Of course, for number 6 on the list, you can check out our curated collection just for the holiday!)

2. I saw on Facebook that a friend of mine is offering babysitting services on Valentine's Day. They're charging $25 a kid and guarantee that they'll be in their pjs when the parents come pick them up. What a great way to help out your friends and make a little money on the side!

3. It's also crossed my mind to donate blood. Somehow blood … connects in my mind with hearts… which obviously is associated with Valentine's Day. It also seems a little weird to draw the comparison, but I'm all about stretching connotations if it's for a good cause. 

4. Instead of giving flowers, you and your significant other/friends/family could plant a few as a much more sustainable and long lasting alternative. A bag of potting soil costs about $2.50, snag a seed packet for $.99 or a transplant, and scour the house for an old bowl or bucket (just be sure to drill a hole in the bottom for drainage. Or if you looking for a bit of a longer project, whip up a few omelets (who doesn't like breakfast for dinner?!) and start your own transplants in egg shells

I'd love to hear what ideas you would add in the comments below!


Purse & Clutch Owner Jen LewisAuthor: Jen Lewis is Owner & Director of Purse & Clutch. You can connect with Jen on . She has been running P&C since 2011 and gets excited about connecting resources to needs, especially in developing countries with limited opportunities. 

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