The Friendship Economy (Or, How to Bring Back the Mom and Pop)

This week, we have a guest post from Trevor Boehm, cofounder of #imightneedthis, an app that lets people buy and sell directly over Instagram. Purse & Clutch will be hosting our first Flash Sale with #imightneedthis TODAY at noon.

This will happen every Friday at noon and you'll see some really crazy sales - like $40 OFF - of our most popular items.

Since there will be only one Flash Sale item available, you may want to sign up before noon so you can be sure to be the one to snag the deal!

Here's what you do to sign up:

  1. Sign in with #imightneedthis. It’s really easy. You’ll just sign in and enter your bank/debit info.
  2. Follow Purse & Clutch on Instagram (@purseandclutch).
  3. When you see the item for sale in your feed, just hashtag #sold and you, my friend, are the proud owner of a new Fair Trade Purse or Clutch. (Prices include US shipping and your item will ship out the following day)

Buying Fair Trade on Instagram

Okay, now that you've gone and signed up, I'll hand the reigns over to Trevor to give us a sneak peek behind the scenes at #imightneedthis:

Last week, I bought my coffee from a friend who started roasting beans with an old popcorn maker. It was some of the best coffee I’ve had in a very long time (and not just because it made me feel good to be drinking something that supported someone I care about.)

That coffee got me thinking about how proud I am of the friends I have that are using their talents to play a little part in changing the world. People like my wife, who built herself a stellar client list around finding rare and beautiful items, or Becky Murphy, who is killing it as a professional doodler, or people like Kirsten and Cameron at Raven & Lily and Jen at Purse & Clutch who work to see justice done through every step in the supply chain

As a culture, I think many of us are making a return to the mom and pop days. We’re not satisfied with the cheapest or most convenient product out there—we want craftsmanship and story behind the things we invest our money in and surround ourselves with. We also want relationships with the people who make those things. 

The Friendship Economy

Photo by  mirsasha

That’s what I love about social sharing platforms like Instagram—they give entrepreneurs opportunities to bond with their customers in ways that turn consumers into patrons, and maybe even friends. 

At #imightneedthis our vision is to help people grow thriving businesses by building relationships between them and their customers. One way we do this is by making it super easy to buy and sell over Instagram. We’re super excited to have Purse & Clutch as one of our founding sellers, along with the other entrepreneurs I mentioned in this post. They are a part of our own friendship economy. 

What friends do you know that are making and doing beautiful and good things? How are you supporting them? I’d love to here your ideas.

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