Adventure Accessories

Spring is so close we can almost taste it! And with the great weather we've been having in Austin this week, we're already starting to feel antsy for adventures. 

I had the opportunity to go on a little adventure of my own a few weeks ago to Amsterdam and Prague. While I always hope that a trip will assuage my desire for travel, I should know by now that adventure begets adventure!

Jen Lewis in Amsterdam

This Saddlebag Pouchette turned out to be the perfect travel companion - besides my husband, of course! I was shocked at what all I could fit in such a small pouchette and the leather strap closure was super secure so I didn't have to keep checking to see if my things were still in place. 

Fair Trade Leather Pouch Purse

What kinds of accessories do you love when you're traveling?


Purse & Clutch Owner Jen LewisAuthor: Jen Lewis is Owner & Director of Purse & Clutch. You can connect with Jen on . She has been running P&C since 2011, and gets excited about connecting resources to needs. 

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