Summer Travel Tip & the Best Overnight Companion

This week as I'm busy at our Pop-Up Shop, my super stylish friend Candice of Oh! Fox Creative is stepping in with some tips on how she uses her Fold Over Clutch:

A few months ago I was dreaming of travel, and now that we've booked two trips in the past week, I'm finally getting excited about seeing some of our favorite cities as Spring unfolds.  With San Francisco on the horizon, Brooklyn in late May, and maybe a few days in Miami, I'm eager to pack airy tunics, cut offs, and swimsuits in my luggage.  We'll be staying with friends, so I'm packing my toiletries too - we won't be depending on ounce sized bottles of shampoo and tiny lotions.  Plus, after a horrible encounter with TSA a few years ago, I now take the real stuff that makes me feel right at home and I don't carry it on - which is where Purse & Clutch comes in.

This Fold Over Clutch is the absolute best for weekend trips.  I pack all of my regular sized beauty products (look at how much fits in there!) in my overnight bag and then check it if I'm traveling. No more staying up until midnight when our plane leaves at six in the morning because I'm squeezing conditioner into a travel sized container...not that I've ever done that!  This clutch also makes carrying personal items to the shower super easy.  

Fold Over Clutch

Ultimately, using my own skin care cleansers and toners makes me feel comfortable and at home wherever I am. I love a bedtime routine and feeling beautiful in the morning because I've taken care of myself well.  

Here's to a beautiful, traveled filled summer.  Don't forget the Fold Over Clutch!

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