Well, folks, it's time. 

Time for what, you ask?

Time for Purse & Clutch to establish an official hashtag. 

Now I know what you're thinking. Hashtags are for tweens. Hashtags are annoying. Hashtags are impossible to read because they're so dang long & don't have spaces. 

Yes - BUT! It's time.

Turns out hashtags are actually a really helpful way to follow companies, bloggers, & trends across multiple social media platforms. Some of you (okay, most likely all of you!) probably already know this & have already integrated hashtags into your virtual lives.  

Purse & Clutch hashtag brainstorm

The tipping point for me is the ability to connect better with the lovely community that has formed around P&C. I want to be able to thank you for helping us spread the word that a handbag can be fashionable, functional, & fairly made. I want to be able to showcase your amazing photos & share with others how you choose to style your Purse & Clutch accessories.

We've brainstormed, made endless lists, & seem to generally be doodling #s on all available surfaces. 

Here's where we would love your help:

What hashtag do you think best fits us as a community?
Which ones do you love (or hate!) & is there a super obvious winner that we're overlooking? 

#lookgooddogood (yikes that's a lot of d's & o's)
#handbagsRus (just kidding - I think this is probably not legal)
#purseandclutch (had to add it…)

Please join in the conversation below in the comments!

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