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Hi guys, Sarah here.

It’s swimsuit season! Every time that is brought up there is either dread or sheer excitement. Excitement for the fun of being in the sun, Vitamin D gives you free happiness, or dread of being in a bathing suit at all.  

Let’s just get the hard part out of the way.

Don’t be afraid of swimsuits.

Every body type is different, and if you think you are supposed to look like people in the magazines, just give Tina Fey’s Bossypants a read. 

Tina Fey's Bossy Pants

She has to use clips instead of zippers to keep a dress on because she is too big for the clothes they choose for her to model. When she sees her own picture on a magazine, she doesn’t even recognize herself.  So take it from Tina and just get on out there!  

As for me, I have had dread and sheer excitement over finding an ethical swimsuit. The dread for me has been in even finding an ethical swimsuit! I’ve spent hours searching online and found very little. (Maybe I just need to find better tag words for my Google searches.) 

I was excited to discover that the prices of Fair Trade / ethical swimsuits are not much higher than regular bathing suits! I’ve always felt as though I was being scammed when I bought a new bathing suit (aka hardly any clothing) for twice the amount I would pay for an entire outfit. So I was oh so happy to find that ethical swimsuits are comparable in price.

These are the few I have found:

Faherty Brand 

I would say this is my favorite brand of all the swimwear I found. The suits have a lot of fun prints as well as some bright solids. They also carry really cute beach clothes! After reading through their blog you can tell that these people have built relationships with the people making the clothes. I think “Hollister” when I see their products. 

Especially loving this one. 

Cabana Anna Swimwear 

The girl who started this company really wants to fight child labor and sweatshops. She sources everything in LA. Bandeaus are really popular right now and this site carries a lot of suits with this style. I think “Cutie” when I see the collection. 

Especially loving this one. 

Bombshell Bay Swimwear 

The “About Us” page says they will always “use ethical manufactures and sourcing partners” and they will “never test our products on underweight, under age models.” That’s definitely something worth getting behind. I’m sure that sufers wear these long sleeve tops, at least that’s what I’ve seen in the movies, but my wonderful friend wore one of these tops while floating the river because her skin hates the sun. The patterns of most of these suits are very “Tropical.”

Especially loving this print. 


Their commitment message indicates that their products are made by Australians treated and paid well and that “slave trade” will “never be” part of their business plan. They have solar powered factories and give to animal welfare groups. I don’t know about you, but I have my “sit by the pool and dip my feet in the water” swimsuit and then I have my “workout” swimsuit. I liked this site because they have a lot of what I consider “workout” swimsuit options. So I consider these products “Sport” swimwear.

Especially loving this one. 

Ruby Moon 

This company not only ethically sources their suits, but they also donate a portion of their profits towards women entreprenuers throughout the developing world. I think “Activewear” when looking through the selection.

Especially loving this one.  

Although I haven't bought myself an ethical swimsuit yet, I went out to Barton Creek to hang out with my family for the weekend. I had my thrifted sunglasses along with a hand-me-down cover up. Ethical Fashion for the win!


Have you found any ethical swimsuits for this season?


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