Behind the Scenes: Fall Photo Shoot MUA

This week's blog comes from our Fall Lookbook's Makeup Artist, Katherine Iwans, giving you a peek behind the scenes of the photo shoot:

This past week, I had the pleasure of working with some extremely talented ladies as the makeup artist for the Fall Lookbook. I learned so much from being a part of this two-day photo shoot, and I can hardly wait until the next one! But until then, I’ll share some fun details of our time together.

Fall 2014 Photo Shoot

For starters, let me say that the weather was perfect both days. It was so refreshing to be wearing shorts and have goosebumps! Fall is upon us, y’all.

While the makeup looks themselves were similar on both days, the set-ups were quite different. For example, our studio on day one was very private with no natural light, while day two’s “studio” was a coffee shop filled with people and lots of natural light.

Day One

Behinds the Scenes Photo Shoot

With a 6:30 AM call time on day one, our stylist Candice was kind enough to bring coffee and breakfast for all, and it didn’t take but a few sips of java before I felt inspired to pick up my brush and start on our model Kirsten.

Fall makes me dream about deep berry lips and a warm, neutral cheek, so I had that in mind as I began to create her look. Her skin is naturally clear and dewy, which set a beautiful canvas to work with! I ended up using an neutral-toned bronzer as a blush, and a gorgeous berry color on the lip. In an effort to let the lips pop, we kept the eye light and neutral.

 Fall Fashion Photo Shoot

After the first two looks were styled and shot, we went for a more neutral lip, a pop of pale pink on the cheeks, and more boldness to the eye. As you can tell from the lookbook, she rocked it.

Day Two

Purse & Clutch Fall Photo Shoot

As I mentioned, day two took place in a coffee shop, and our stunning model, Hanniel, faced a large window flooded with natural light as I applied her makeup. This made the application a bit more seamless, because with natural light, what you see is what you get.

Hanniel’s first outfit featured a wonderfully textured caramel sweater, so I knew I would have to give her cheek some color in order to avoid the sweater washing her out. We layered a deep coral blush over the same bronzer used on Kirsten on day one.

The deep berry lip went on a little lighter on Hanniel, but I didn’t mind, because her beautiful dark eyes stole the show anyways! It’s pretty hard to look at the shots of her in the coffee shop without your jaw hitting the floor.

Fair Trade Photo Shoot

*On a completely random side note, as I was applying Hanniel’s makeup, we learned that we use the same skincare line! I had a minor freak out, because I’m so passionate about my skincare routine, brought to you by Paula’s Choice. You should check it skin of my life!

The Importance of a Good Team

When all was said and done, as we were ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the photos, it was amazing and humbling to realize that we couldn’t have done it without each other. The photographs themselves were amazing, but the models knew how to work the camera. And what’s a good model without good style? And what’s good style without good makeup? Team work makes the dream work, people.

One of my favorite things about this shoot is that it demonstrates the benefits of using your network. Purse & Clutch owner Jen is a dear friend of mine, but I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to work with Candice, Kirsten or Hanniel if it wasn’t for Jen. I am grateful for her and Candice’s willingness to reach out to their networks for a beautiful collaboration, and I look forward to many more to come.

Here’s to welcoming in Fall with Fair Trade fashion, all things pumpkin, boots, and, of course, deep berry lipstick.

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