Artisan Highlight: Sseko Designs

Imagine this: if you want to attend college after High School you're given nine months to earn enough money to cover all of your costs. If you're a woman, imagine this scenario in the context of being in a culture that views women as virtually unemployable. 

Not a great chance that you're headed to college, right?

This is the scene that plays out every year in Uganda and many African countries. Except now, thanks to a forward thinking organization called Sseko Designs, women are given the opportunity to work hard to produce some really adorable fashion accessories while half of their salary each month goes into a savings account to pay for their education. At the end of each term, Sseko Designs grants university scholarships that match up to 100% of the savings each woman has made during her 9 month session with Sseko.

Sseko has recently expanded from sandals in Uganda to some really amazing, buttery soft leather handbags in Ethiopia and we are so excited to have them in our Fall Collection to help more women earn enough money to attend college!

Soft Leather Handbags

Shop the collection here!

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