You know how sometimes when you meet someone you can almost see the talent oozing out of them & you know that you want to work with them at some point in the future?

Well that's exactly how I felt as I've been getting to know incredibly talented illustrator & graphic designer Becky Murphy of Chipper Things

Becky Murphy of Chipper Things

I'm excited to introduce you to the collaborate we've been working on for the last few months! 

But first! You've gotta check out some of her adorable prints. Perhaps she's best known for this gem:

But this recently launched print is sure to be a classic, too!

Also, she has a really powerful collaboration with Jess Lively you can check out here & here

Not to mention her book, I'd Rather Be Short:

I'd Rather Be Short

So when I approached Becky with the idea of designing a custom Fair Trade, Organic Tote for Purse & Clutch you can only imagine my delight when she said yes! 

Becky's adorable sketch was made into a tote in India by a group of women who have been rescued from the sex trade. So not only are they beautiful, but how they are made is beautiful as well - which, as you know, is how we like to do things around here at Purse & Clutch!


Available on both of our Instagram Feeds today for $20 here & here! So many fun photos to come… you'll want to follow along!

A big thanks to Mark & Katherine Iwans for modeling in the cold rain. That's dedication! 

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