A Mindset of Thankfulness

This is a crazy time of year. 

To do lists seem to grow longer despite continually crossing things off them. Traffic fills the streets at all hours of the day rendering what should be quick errands half day projects. I even found myself feeling stressed about needing to put together ideas of what I wanted for Christmas - that should NOT be a chore!

I'm in danger of skidding to a halt on Thursday when I sit down with family to an amazing meal (we're having ham!) and not having taken the time and mental energy to get to a mindset of thankfulness. 

So here's what I'm going to do to make sure that this holiday doesn't pass me by:

1. I'm having a few friends over this evening to paint. I'll put on some Al Green, open up the windows to let in the cool air, fill glasses with wine, and encourage an atmosphere of gratitude expressed on a canvas. A pause if you will - a disruption of a normal evening to jolt me into reflection.

2. I'm going to stop for 10 minutes over my morning cup of coffee this week and enjoy the view from my dining room table. Maybe this will continue throughout the year and beyond.

3. My radio isn't working in my car. Instead of allowing my mind to race to that never-ending to do list, or being annoyed that my radio doesn't work, I'm going to open up my sunroof and soak in the fresh air. I'm going to let the silence wash over me and perhaps make a list of the things I'm thankful for today.

What do you do to pause and get into a mindset of thankfulness?

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