Final Thoughts

Let me be honest- I’ve never made a New Year’s Resolution before, and if I have I sure didn’t stick with it!

I am proud writing this post today. I have no last minute confessions, no qualifications, and no excuses- I can truly say that I haven’t purchased any clothes, jewelry, or accessories that were made by the hands of people who were not treated well or paid fairly.

OK…MAYBE I went to a Black Friday sale and MAYBE I got some things really cheap that I knew weren’t available in the fair trade marketplace. Turned out they didn’t fit and I had to return them. So in the end I kept my resolution. *We are all allowed at least one moment of weakness*

Going into this year I thought I would give up, be disappointed with my fair trade options, or do this for a year and then go back to my old habits and ways. At the end of this year I can honestly say none of those things are true for me. I am not disappointed with what fair trade companies have created for us to wear and I will not be going back to how I used to shop!

I remember walking outside one blissful day and realizing that everything I was wearing was fair trade. I had an amazing mix of emotions. Joy that I was creating a new world, love for the craftsmanship of my brothers and sisters overseas, and realizing that it had taken some work on my part to purchase those items. I do not buy fair trade because it’s easy. I buy it because I want to be consumed with something larger than myself.

Sweater - Slumlove Sweater Company

You will be seeing more of these sweaters in the future I guarantee it! These sweaters are hand woven and sewn together! I’m usually the gal that doesn’t wear sweaters because it makes my hair get filled with static or because it makes my arms itch. These sweaters don’t give me the same icky feelings that most do and I love the style and the fit!

Beanie - Krochet Kids International

I’ve always seen people wear beanies halfway up their heads and thought “How on earth does that beanie stay there?” Turns out you have to have the perfect beanie - like this one. I love mine because it stays on my head and feels as light as air. I expected the materials to be more bulky and rough, but this was soft and thin.

Glasses - Warby Parker

Warby Parker has the buy one give one business model. Since they are an online shop, they created a system where you can try on 5 pairs of glasses without cost or commitment. Their customer service was spectacular, especially with someone like me who asks a million questions. And the glasses are incredibly inexpensive.  

Scarf - Purse & Clutch

This scarf is amazing. Made well, looks great, feels awesome, can be styled in so many ways and paired with so many outfits. It has this delicate almost silky feel that you don’t often find with scarves.

Shoes - Fortress of Inca

You can see my other post about Fortress of Inca shoes here. I will probably only ever buy Fortress of Inca shoes because they are based out of Austin and they have had so many sales this year!

I feel like I have given you an honest look into what it’s like to shop ethically. You know the bumpy road ahead. So it’s my turn to challenge you- will you make shopping ethically your 2015 New Year’s Resolution? It could change your life in the best way possible.
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