This Not That - Lilly Pulitzer for Target Edition

I don't know about you, but in working hard to make sure my purchases were ethically made sometimes I feel like I'm missing out just a bit. I used to really love the designers that come and launch mini collections at Target - in fact, I still have an Isaac Mizrahi skirt from college when these collaboration were just starting.

There's something so fun about rummaging through a fun new collection with other ladies who also like the featured designer. It's like a secret and instant camaraderie that it hard to recreate in the online shopping world (although it's constantly something we're working on here at Purse & Clutch.) 

So, in honor of the recently launched Lilly Pulitzer collection for Target, we're giving you ethically made swaps that have the same fun, flirty floral feel. 

Handmade Basket from Senegal

Handmade, Fair Trade Floral Butterfly Chair from India

Metal candle holder from Zambia

Kantha Floral Pillow from India

Bright Hammock, handmade in Nicaragua

Outdoor Blanket, ethically woven in Ethiopia

What draws your eye? What fun, floral ethical finds have you discovered? Let us know in the comments below!

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