3 Tips for Thoughtful Wishlists

In my family, we make wishlists to share with our families of what we want for Christmas. 

So instead of thinking of what to get others, I'm often thinking about what I want to receive this time of year. 

I've put together how I go about creating my wishlist should you find yourself in the same boat. 

Ethical Christmas gift ideas
Think about things you use alllllll the time that are wearing out.
Add the replacement to your wishlist, but the most beautiful version you can find.

The antique brass tray that holds my lotions that I use every day still makes me smile when I get ready in the morning. And a definite upgrade from the fraying basket I had since college.
Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for women

Start with brands you love & want to support. 

On my personal wishlist this year: 

Thoughtful Christmas Experience Gift Ideas


Brainstorm creative experiences you can do together. 

I’m planning on asking for a hike from my 12 year old niece & asking her to plan some picnic snacks. It’s a two-way present that can start to shift the narrative away from things to quality time spent together, which is really what I want for Christmas.

Other ideas you can add to your wishlist: 

  • A one-on-one coffee date. 
  • A one-on-one trip to the park for each kid. 
  • Babysitter money so you & your partner can go out for an evening kid-free. 
  • A pedicure for two - you & the giver.

I'd love to hear what's on your wishlist this year in the comment section below!

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