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Hello there! I'm excited to kick off a fun new Thursday blog series that's designed to point to resources to help us in the journey we're on of sustainable and ethical living. This week, I'm handing the blog over to one of our new Ethical Style Ambassadors, Jordan Ring:

In this day and age nearly every lady has her own DIY Pinterest board complete with mason jar crafts, melted crayon art (yes, that's a thing) and homemade products. Step-by-step guides on nearly everything under the sun got me thinking...

I spend of my waking hours typing away at the computer. Sure, I "create" lots of things: Facebook events for the next Purse & Clutch house party, ad metric reports, blog posts and so forth. However, the art of crafting raw materials into finished products is an experience lost on me.

As I approach my 25th birthday I've made a number of resolutions that will help me "arrive" at this milestone and getting my hands dirty, so to speak, is top of the list. So far I've been brave enough to enter into the world of homemade cinnamon rolls (a battle I was ill-prepared for), recycled wood wall art, and homemade body scrub. 

Homemade beauty products have become all the more relevant in my life since venturing into the world of sustainable living. Creating my own beauty products help me better control the products I put on my skin. A little Fair Trade sugar and some Fair Trade coconut oil and you have yourself the perfect body scrub that leaving your feeling soft and accomplished!

If you’re interested in crafting some homemade remedies check out Moral Fibre’s handy infographic on the perfect measures for products ranging from eyeliner to shaving cream:

Handmade Beauty Products

Photo via Moral Fibres

P.S. – nothing goes better with the perfect cat eye than this handmade B&W Guatemalan clutch

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