Behind the Scenes - Fall Lookbook

There is so much work that goes into putting together a Lookbook, but it's the kind of work that makes me sit back and wonder how this is my job.

Hard work such as flipping through magazines to see what style of Lookbook is inspiring and will best showcase the gorgeous Fall handbags as they're on their way from around the world. Hard work such as meeting our Calligrapher for happy hour at School House Pub to discuss details of the upcoming shoot such as picking out the perfect LVX nail polish color for our model from a sea of beautiful choices.

Fall Photoshoot


There's also, of course the hard work of discovering ethically accessories that will compliments our looks which means a trip to South Congress to swoon over Goorin Bros' made in the US hats and a few hours of scouring Fortress of Inca & Bloom + Grace's websites to dream up the perfect outfit combinations of Peruvian leather shoes and Cambodian brass jewelry. 

Fall 2015 Lookbook

Then there's the hard work during the day of the shoot. I played the roles of stylist and photographer this season. I would characterize the day with the following words: kolaches & Beyonce. 

Sure, there are hours upon hours of editing ... where I sit on my couch in yoga pants, drink way too much coffee, and listen to my latest Spotify Discover Weekly playlist. 

But seriously, one of the things I'm most excited about our Fall Lookbook is the ethical companies who generously partnered with us this season. It was my goal as stylist to source looks that I could confidently say were ethical head to toe, not just the handbag. Over the next few months here on the blog, I'll be highlighting each of these partners so you can understand just what good work they are doing and the incredible & diverse ways in which they choose to do it. 

Check out the finished Lookbook here & let us know what you think in the comments below!



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