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Mint Nails & a Mustard Clutch

I don't know about you, but I have been making a conscious effort for the last few years to 1.) not make impulse purchases and 2.) really love what I buy. I've worked hard to shift my mindset from a trend-based closet to building a classic wardrobe. 

That being said, I have really been loving all the beautiful mint clothing pieces I've been seeing everywhere this season. A few weeks ago the idea crept into my head that a good, inexpensive way to incorporate mint into my style is nail polish. Yesterday I found myself unconsciously wandering from the printer ink section of the store right to the most lovely shade of green polish. I'm pleased with my purchase! One of my favorite elements of fashion is mixing surprising colors together and I'm loving mint with some of the left over winter colors such as navy, olive, and mustard. 

What trends have you been eyeing lately? Have you been able to sprinkle in a little creativity into incorporating a color or style into your closet? I'd love to hear your ideas on the FB page!

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