This Not That: Anthro Edition

One of the questions I get asked a lot when I'm at an event for Purse & Clutch is if Fair Trade items are more expensive. And if you're comparing a handmade leather handbag with a faux leather one that was made who knows where, then yes, they most likely are. The ethically made handbags we carry are more expensive - because it's a better product made with natural materials and transparent supply chains.

However! If you're comparing similar quality items, I've found that ethically made handbags are often considerably cheaper since there are less middlemen between you the customer and the hands that made the item. 

Today, I want to compare our high quality items with other high quality items from Anthropologie. While of course they're still not perfect comparisons, I tried to find as similar materials and styles as I could. 

Note: Anthro is one of my favorite shopping experiences and they carry several Fair Trade and made in the US brands if you're willing to do your research!

Ethical Alternative

Pom-Pom Cotton Scarf (handmade in India) // Fractal Pom Scarf (unknown origin)

Fair Trade Alternative

Leather Color Blocked Pouch (handmade in Ethiopia) // Tasseled Leather Pouch (made in the USA) 

Fair Trade Price Comparison

Classic Leather Crossbody (handmade in Costa Rica) // Celeste Crossbody Bag (unknown origin)

Are Fair Trade items more expensive?

Soft Suede Purse (handmade in India) // Leather Saba Hobo Bag (unknown origin)

Ethical vs. regular prices

Mayan Clutch (handmade in Guatemala) // Mayenne Embroidered Pouch (unknown origin)


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