One of my less interesting New Year's Resolutions is to blog more. I've got a plan and I like plans. This one feels do-able. 

One of my more interesting New Year's Resolutions is to wear lipstick. And I've discovered I'm not alone! This makes me think that I'm also not alone in my struggle to pick the perfect go-to-lipstick to make it easier to keep my resolution this year. I always tend to look either like a kindergardener playing with her mom's make-up, dead, or like I have oddly chapped lips. Often times all three.

New Year's ResolutionThe quest starts this week! I will no longer wait for the perfect occasion to don bold color on my lips. With the exception of possibly the gym, I'm going to wear lipstick everywhere I go. So now - when a stain, when a gloss, when a stick? 

Thanks to my friend @JenClapp, I've started a list of must-try lip products. She had me at "great lip moisturizers with deep tint and no glitter!"

*Sugar Coral Tinted LipfromFresh ($22.50) - Seems to be a mixture of lipstick & chapstick. I love how Fresh has customer reviews listed below their products - so very helpful!

*Nude Tinted Lip BalmfromTherapy Systems($22.00) - According to customer reviews, this seems to be more of a lip stain and will stay where you want it for a while! 

And I'll add one of my own that I've been dying to try: 

 *Moisterizing LipstickfromRadiant Cosmetics($20.00) - Must admit, I'm biased towards this company becuase they donate 20% of their profits to fight human trafficking. I've purchased their powder & mascara and have been more than pleased! While I wish I could pull off their Poppy shade, I think I'm more of a Charlotte! 

So - what else should we add to the list? What are your favorite products? Must have shades? Anyone want to volunteer to try one of these puppies out and report back? 

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I’ll definitely have to check them out – thanks for following up, Jen!

Maybe I can start budgeting for a new lipstick a month for the year… : )

Jen Lewis

Based on Facebook discussions, I feel like I should also recommend Clinique’s Chubby Sticks. They currently have two options – a classic line of colors that have a nice tint but sheerer application, and then a new vibrant line that I can’t wait to try! I currently have Richer Raisin in the classic line and it looks good with everything! The classics:; The vibrants:

Jen Clapp

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