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One of my favorite parts about the work I get to do for Purse & Clutch is making connections with people from all over the world. I'm pleased to introduce you to Sabay from Craftworks Cambodia who has kindly written the following guest post sharing with us more about the good work they are doing and the amazing artisans they are able to employ: 

Bags are made by Ms. Srey Mach (left), Ms. Mom Verng (center) and Ms. Seng (right) with disabilities because of a mine and polio. They sell bags to care for themselves and their underprivileged families.

Ms. Srey Mach is from Kom Pong Cham province. She is 32 years old, she lives in a rental room that she can share her cost with her colleagues in Phnom Penh. 

Ms. Mom Verng is 40 years old, she has 4 siblings, and is the third of her family. She has two older brothers and one younger brother. She is from Lor Veah Aem village, Arey Ksat district, Kandal province. She has experiences in sewing silk/cotton bags and eco-friendly bags for nearly 15 years.

Ms. Sok Kim Seng is 26 years old. She has experiences in sewing silk/cotton bags, wallets and eco-friendly products for 10 years.

They really enjoy sewing bags, wallets, making other eco–friendly products  at the mini workshops at their homes. This work makes their life full of pleasure, dignity and helps their families have better lives.

With the support of groups such as Craftworks Cambodia, and the sales of these bags, wallets, eco-friendly handmade products, an income can be provided that offers their families and their communities the chance at a better future. This project ensures that the artisans are fairly rewarded for their work and provide support for education and training in the communities in Cambodia.


Ms. Srey Eagn (far right) is the main artisans in her producer group. She is 32 years old. She is from Ang Prasat village, Phnom Santheas commune, Kirivong district, Takeo province. She has 5 siblings, she has two sisters and 3 brothers, she is the first daughter of her family. First she knows basic sewing as a simple tailor in her village. She did sewing at her village when the neighbors came to her but that income was completely not enough. Her life and whole family are very hard. That is why she had to move to leave her village to find the job in Phnom Penh. Finally she was trained by one of the NGOs how to make nice designs on bags and wallets. Actually she has no education at all at the public school but she learnt how to read and write basic Cambodian language at night. Now she is able to read the simple Cambodian language only.

She just got married to her husband, Mr.Thana Chan in June 2012 who sits next to her holding the clutch bag. She is so happy that her husband really loves her and got married to her. Mr. Thana is from Salao Village, Bat Tam Bang province. He also can sew bags and other things well.

Cambodian Artisans
Fair trade, ethically made in Cambodia. 
Handcrafted from soft or fine silk clutch bags and used plastic bags.

Spring Cambodian Clutch Purses


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