5 Easy Ways to Shop Ethically

Ethical Resolutions

1. When Buying Books

As far as I'm aware, slavery isn't necessarily a part of the publishing & printing industries, but books can take quite a toll on the environment. Better World Books is a pretty awesome organization that takes sells donated books & uses the profits to fund library & literacy programs. So when you buy next month's book club book, check them out first to both give a new life to an old book & to do good in the process! You can also purchase from them off Amazon.

2. When Drinking Coffee

Fair Trade Coffee is one of the most developed parts of the Fair Trade Industry. Talk to your local coffee shops & only frequent the ones that serve Fair Trade beans. And when you're buying beans yourself, look for the Fair Trade label. That extra few dollars can really go far in furthering the ethical supply chain. If you're in here in Austin, be sure to check out Two Hands that just opened in the Domain. 

3. When Buying Jewelry

There are so many companies doing ethically made jewelry really well. Here are a few of our favorites:

Bloom + Grace

UNCVRD Jewelry

Noonday Collection

4. When Buying A Basic T

Transparent Supply Chains

We're all about the Radical Transparency of Everlane & are super excited to have such an affordable option when buying a basic top. Not only are they forthcoming with their pricing, but also with their supply chains which, if you've tried to find this information at other stores, you know is wonderfully refreshing!

5. When Buying A Handbag

Okay, we HAD to throw this in there! We're hard at work curating the most beautiful collections of ethically made handbags to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you love. You can rest assured that everything we carry is ethically made with care so you can focus on the oh! so fun process of browsing for that perfect bag. Like this one!

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