Artisan Highlight: Give Perf

As I get older, the more & more I appreciate being surrounded by beautiful things that bring me joy. I'm really enjoying taking a deeper dive into the wonderful world of ethically-made things where the beauty of an item isn't limited to the design or the materials used.

Contrary to popular belief, as the owner of Purse & Clutch I can't just keep one of everything. Sad, I know! When we got in our first order of these cozy, rugged throws from Mexico it was everything in me not to *accidentally* spill a bit of coffee on the corner while sorting through the rich colors so I'd just *have to* keep one. I fought off this inner urge for weeks. Then I was chatting with my mom about what I wanted for my birthday (shout out to other December birthdays!) and I asked her if it was lame to add something in my own shop to my wish list. She ordered one for me at the table of the Chinese restaurant as we waiting for my favorite Beef & Broccoli dish to arrive. We decided upon Deep Emerald after a few more minutes of brainstorming which color would work best in the house.  

Mexican Throw

My throw *technically* goes over guest room duvet cover to add some texture & color, but more often than not it gets transferred to our living room couch or has made reading on my favorite, yet cold orange leather chair 1,000 times more enjoyable this winter. And I'm already planning some epic picnics for when the weather warms up a bit!

Obviously, I love my Mexican Throw. 

But what I love even more than the charming details (like the little flicks of color woven into the yarn) is knowing that these throws are allowing artisans in Mexico to work from home on in-house looms so they can continue to take care of their families during the day.

That the organization working with the artisans, Give Perf, strongly believes in the power of a roof over one's head & has partnered with Habitat for Humanity in Haiti, Guatemala, & Nepal to even further the impact. Habitat for Humanity "helps low-income families improve their living conditions by building new homes and housing communities, stabilizing and improving existing houses, and offering smokeless stoves, water filters and basic sanitation services."

Fair Trade Valentine's Day Ideas

Since Valentine's (or Gal-entine's!) Day is right around the corner, we decided to put together some fun bundles that each include a throw.

Ethical Valentine's Day

If you're celebrating with your guy, we have three bundles that let you choose which epic clutch you'll carry for an evening out, a perfectly slim handmade Leather Wallet to gift to your guy, and a Deep Emerald Throw for a little hot chocolate by the fire. 

Ethical Galentine's Day Ideas

If you're celebrating with your gal pal, we've put together a bundle that includes two assorted Mayan Clutches (think of it as new & improved Friendship Bracelets!) and a wine colored throw for a movie in to celebrate all the wonderful things about being single!

Check out the bundles here & snag one before they sell out! And be sure to order by February 9th so it will arrive in time for Valentine's day...


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