Fair Trade Tiny Totes

I'm sure you've heard me say it before, but I'm a tote gal. And with the arrival of our adorablenew Fair Trade totesfrom India, here's just a few ways to put one to good use: 

  1. As a lunch sack
  2. To carry your clutch inconspicuously in a sketchy area of town
  3. To hold your dirty laundry on a weekend trip
  4. To ensure that you are never without a good book
  5. To carry wine bottles from the grocery store with ease
  6. As a conversation starter on what it means to buyfair wage
  7. As sustainable, reusable wrapping paper for a Mother's Day gift
  8. For bringing wine to a party in style
  9. To hold your valuables at the gym instead of stuffing them in your bag or locker
  10. As sustainable, reusable wrapping paper when gifting an adorableFair Trade Clutch to your BFF just because!
  11. To compartmentalize toiletries in your suitcase
  12. As sustainable, reusable wrapping paper for a hostess gift (sensing a theme...?!)
  13. As a odd and unflattering hat
  14. As a way to support handmade, Fair Trade companies working to help create jobs in developing countries
  15. To carry things while riding your bike
  16. As a shopping bag at the Farmer's Market to hold your fresh veggies

What would you add? What creative ways do you use a tote bag? 

 - P.S. Enter to win an adorable Fair Trade Tiny Tote by posting a review & Tweeting with #AprilToteGiveaway -

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Great idea! And I was thinking as I was walking to the store today how I could use a tote to carry my other totes (especially with Austin’s new no-plasitc-bags law!)


I use totes when carrying food over to a friends house for dinner or for snacks on a road trip.


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