Why Fashion Trends are Worth Following

In one of my veryfirst blog posts from just over a year ago, I mentioned that, 

"I've worked hard to shift my mindset from a trend-based closet to building a classic wardrobe."

In the rest of the short post, you can almost see the tension I was feeling over really being inundated with a particular trend (mint green!), but feeling that if I were to be a responsible consumer, I wouldn't be following trends at all. After spending a year in the responsible fashion industry, I've noticed a shift in my mindset. I love trends! Let me tell you why. 

First, I had to re-define fashion trends. 

I think I equated fashion trends with fast fashion. If an item was trendy, it meant that at some level it was poorly constructed, unethically made, and wouldn't last more than a season - both in quality and in style. In reading about some of my favorite blogger's most lovable Spring Fashion Trends in our Thursday Guest Blogger Series (here&here) I'm beginning to realize that 

new fashion trends can give you a fresh look at the clothes you've had hanging in your closet all along.

What I used to see as a boring white skirt can find a new life when paired with a white blouse and a funky jean jacket. The bold navy floral print tank I bought a few years ago and has been on the edge of the Salvation Army donation box for a month, suddenly is the perfect top to pair with my funky mustard print shorts as I adventure into the world of bold pattern mixing.  

Pattern Mixing

One thing I think I did get right last year - I still love the idea of brightening up an outfit with an accessory. Or two. Or three! The perfect color nail polish (I'm currently digging a delicate shade of peach!), a great vintage heel, or an adorable fair trade handbag can really bring an outfit from "I got most of what I'm wearing from a thrift store" to a pulled together chic look. 

Peach Nail PolishVintage HeelsRecycled Sari Clutch Purse

Fun ways to spark fashion trend ideas:

1.) Look through your mother's photo album of when she was in college - added bonus *go through it with her when you see her for Mother's Day and ask her to tell you stories of what she was like when she was wearing those fabulous burnt orange wide leg pants!

2.) Check out local boutiques - they often will change out a window display every few days filling that pretty little head of yours with ideas on how you can re-work pinstriped matchstick ankle pants to give it a fresh feel. 

3.) Flip through the #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) hashtag (on instagram & twitter) to find new fashion bloggers to go to for inspiration. I find bloggers take time focusing on pulling an outfit together and more often than not I find things in my own closet that I never would have thought to pair together. Some of my favorites include Indiana fromAdored Austin, Kendi fromKendi Everyday, and Chelle fromSpangled Paraphernalia

4.) Obviously there's Pinterest - but what if you made a board consisting of photos of clothes similar to the ones you already own? It could bring new ideas and could show that you don't need another little black dress, but could use a sturdy jean jacket to pull things together. 

5.) Check to see if the university in your town has a fashion program. Many school programs have an end of year runway show that is brimming with fresh, new ideas from budding designers. 

Do you follow fashion trends? Do you find it freeing or overwhelming? Where do you go for fashion trend inspiration?  

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