Spring Makeup Trends

I am excited to introduce to you Nicole, of Radiant Cosmetics - a really amazing company that  helps raise awareness for human trafficking by raising funds through cosmetics. I use their powder & mascara and absolutely love knowing that in purchasing a make-up item I already was planning on purchasing, I can contribute to such a needed cause. Nicole is here with us today on our last post of our Guest Blog Spring Fashion Trends Series:

Spring is always my favorite time of the year to experiment with makeup and these are some of my favorite beauty trends this season.

Pops of Color

This trend is still going strong. While a pop of color on the lips has been all over the place and I’ve yet to grow tired of it, I’m really digging it on eyes lately. Last week at the Met Gala Emily Blunt showed up in a bright pink eye shadow that was to die for. You don’t even need to buy a new product if you don’t want to, get brave and use that lipstick as an eye shadow and set with powder, add some mascara and you’ll nail this look. 

Spring Makeup Trends


Bold Eyeliner

Eyeliner has become a makeup bag essential. I’ve always been a fan of the cat eye, but am loving seeing the creativity with this trend. From a small flick, tight outline, to soft and smudged the possibilities are endless. I’m crazy over this exaggerated eyeliner seen on the Thierry Mugler runway.

Bold Eyeliner Spring Trend



You can’t go wrong with metallic. While I’m usually partial to gold and bronze metallics there’s been a lot of focus on silver metallic combined with the bold eyeliner trend to make this look even more of a show stopper.



This is a relatable trend in my life being a Texas girl. Down here in the South we have a very limited window that vaguely resembles spring and then we head straight into summer. I don’t love tons of makeup when it’s 100 degrees outside. The natural trend is the answer; it allows my skin to peek through but still cover up a few imperfections. Also, I don’t worry about my makeup looking crazy when spending time outside.

Natural Spring Trend


Which one will you try? I know I'm loving the bold eyeliner with the cat eye look - maybe I'll go just a little bit darker today and see how it looks!

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The best is switching between all the fun trends! Natural one day, bright pink lids the next, I love mixing it up!


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