Peacocks & Pouchettes

Summer is full of adventures from big to small. While traveling across the world may not be an option for you, you just may be amazed at the experiences that are right around the corner in your own town. 

I was pleasantly surprised when Stephanie, our editorial photographer and stylist suggested the location of our next photo shoot: Mayfield Park. For those of you close enough to Austin to drop in, this is a MUST see. Never in my life have I been to such a quaint oasis - practically in the middle of the city - with such beautiful grounds full of lily pad strewn ponds, blooming flowers, and charming rock paths. Oh, and did I mention the peacocks? 

Peahen  Peacock  peacocks in a tree

They were everywhere and, I must say, I was rather intimidated. Huge birds with gorgeous tails perched high in trees or waddling at my feet and calling loudly to each other is quite an experience! And if no female peahen was in the vicinity for a peacock to impress, a female human would do!

Fair Trade Leather Purse

Showing off consisted of the picture you see of the bright blues and greens of the feathers making a huge semi-circle around the cobalt head, but what I didn't expect was the feather shaking and the steady creeping closer and closer! Stephanie assured me that they were peaceful creatures, but geez!

Guatemalan Leather Pouch

This was the perfect scene for our new gorgeous leather pouchettes and recycled Mayan blouse clutches just in from Guatemala. Nothing says stylish girl on the go quite like an exquisitely made little pouch that fits securely across the body or a unique geometric pattern clutch with leather detailing - the perfect size to hold comfortably on an adventure!

And here's another reason why I think you're going to love this month's featured purse and clutch: our partners in Guatemala have been providing fair wage jobs for their artisans for over 20 years. As with many of our artisan groups, these men and women have the opportunity to work from home which allows them to care for their families while earning a sustainable living.

We love that purchasing a bag from Purse & Clutch takes the guesswork out of whether of not the artisan making each handbag was compensated fairly in a humane, pleasant working environment using sustainable materials. 

Stunning style - ethically made! 

 Fair Trade Leather Guatemalan Purse

With inspirations from strong Latin women with a striking red lip, Stephanie captured the vibe of the new purse and clutch beautifully. Stephanie talks more about her inspiration and her gorgeous styling choices on her blog

Fair Trade Beautiful Leather Pouchette

What hidden gems have you found in your town that are adventures that don't take you far away from home? 

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