How Changing Your Handbag Changes Your Look

I'm always fascinated by the ability of a well chosen accessory to completely transform the look of an outfit. 

This past Friday, I headed to one of East Austin's favorite little coffee shops,Vintage Heart, with my classically stylish friend Katherine to explore just how to pair a purse or clutch to create an intended look.

The Mustard Clutch

I first paired Katherine's navy lace dress and neutral sandals with our mustard silk & organza clutchwith a pretty silver clasp detail. The material of the clutch as well as the smaller size really dressed this outfit up - great for an evening on the town with your girlfriends. The mustard yellow was a beautiful contrast against the darker dress and the texture of the lace mixed with the folded silk and organza adding a nice interesting detail. 

Mustard Yellow Clutch Purse

The Teal Wristlet

Next I paired the same outfit with a modern printwristlet in teal. The teal print paired with the navy dress really popped and brought a fun, more casual element to the outfit - perfect for a quick trip to your favorite local coffee shop.Vintage Hearthas such adorable street art, wouldn't you agree?

I really like the monochromatic look because it tends to look put together and confident. Teal and navy are a lovely combination and the print on the bag with the dark gray details paired well with the more subtle lace print on the dress. 

Modern Print Teal Wristlet

Fair Trade Clutch PurseFair Trade Clutch

The Plaid Hobo

Next, we switched from clutches to purses and added apreppy pink plaid hoboto the outfit. This reads a similarly casual chic vibe, but it's rich plaid pinks and blues add fun level of school girl prep. Brighter colors tend to lend themselves to a more relaxed look and here, they add a nice pop of interest to the dress.  

Pink Plaid Hobo Purse

The Triangles Convertible Bag

The final handbag we paired with the navy dress is a new style just in from Cambodia! This super versatileTriangles Convertible Bagcan be worn in multiple ways (across the shoulder, tote, or messenger bag) and the blue gray triangles print with mint highlights brings a nice level of sophistication with it's more muted colors, more structured shape, and black canvas details. 

Triangle Print Convertible Bag

I love how Fair Trade can still look polished and clean. This particular collection of purses and clutches originate from Cambodia, India, and Uganda - but are incredibly relevant for the stylish woman here in the States. Fair Trade Fashion is a relatively new concept and we're excited to help to make access Fair Trade handbags as accessible as possible in terms of style and price. 

Which look do you prefer? The Mustard Clutch? The Teal Wristlet? The Plaid Hobo? or The Triangles Convertible Bag? 

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