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We've been hard at work making the P&C website as fun and interactive of a shopping experience as possible. This has manifested itself into clickable collections which requires a photo of all of the bags in a collection. The Adventurer Collection was easy - a sunny morning and a patch of grass and we're done! 

For the Feminique Collection, we wanted to capture the feminine, flirty quality of the bags paired with the classic feel of the bold prints. 

I sent an email to a few friends who would humor me enough to stand in the Texas evening heat. I scouted out the perfect location. By that, of course, I mean that I walked around E. Riverside looking for a wall with a fun, solid color background with the right sunlight. 

I landed on the purple wall of Club Pengcha, or something that starts with a P... 

Summer Photo Shoot Location 

Jordan, our fantastic summer intern did a great job of pairing pant color with the perfect bag in the collection while I figured out the lighting with the camera. 

Passing out handbags

Lime greens & light blues. Mustard yellows & dark gray. Blacks & pink plaids. It's so much fun to see a photo shoot come together! 

Gray Mod Wallet 

We tried all kinds of ways to get that one perfect shot: 

"Everyone face right!" I would say. 

"Now try to walk in step!" 

"Now turn to your neighbor and talk about the color pants you're wearing!"

"What if you all jumped straight up in the air?!" 

"Now hold your bag out to me!"

The Feminine Collection of Fair Trade Handbags 

I am so thankful to have such a supportive group of girls willing to come out, stand in front of a sketchy nightclub that's dumpster fumes wafted occasional our way while I barked ideas of what to do. 

In the end I was really pleased with how the collection turned out. I feel like we've captured the life and story behind the bags and the joy that was put into making them (the majority of the collection is from northern India, with one bag from Uganda). You can check out the final shot here and can click on different handbags to see more photos of that purse or clutch from the shoot.

Will you help us continue to spread the word that Fair Trade and Fashion can overlap in a really beautiful way?

Visit The Feminique Collection, click on your favorite bag and Pin away! Let's fill up everyone's Pinterest news feed with bright colors and prints and show that artisans from developing communities CAN be fairly compensated and that it doesn't have to come at the expense of one's personal style!

We can make a difference in how fashion is made!


Purse & Clutch Owner Jen LewisAuthor: Jen Lewis is Owner & Director of Purse & Clutch. You can connect with Jen on . She has been running P&C since 2011 and gets excited about connecting resources to needs. 

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