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Helping to Empower WomenWe're seriously so excited about the earring fundraiser this week for the Legacy House. We LOVE the idea of being able to help empower both the women in Tanzania who hand made the lovely tear drop earrings by paying helping to provide them with employment and the young women aging out of foster care in need of a stable home and training ground by donating 50% of each earring sale. 



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Learn a bit more about each group of women below!

By Women:

Tanzanian Earrings

African Crafts by Gertrude was founded in 2002 by Gertrude Protas Kitia and Helen S. Walker-Hill as an outlet for the handcrafts made by women in the town of Usa River in north-central Tanzania.  Proceeds support the craftswomen of this rapidly growing town which is in great need of economic development. 

I met Gertrude last Christmas at a Pop-Up Shop I was helping to host at the HOPE Farmer's Market here in Austin. She quickly drew me in with her sweet personality, her quality products, and her head for business so that she could continue to provide employment for the women's group she co-founded. 

For Women:

The Legacy House

I first heard about the Legacy House a few weeks ago and I couldn't get them out of my mind. They are providing young women transitioning out of foster care a safe home environment where they are supported physically, emotionally and spiritually, with the hope they will achieve sustainable, personal, academic, and independent living goals.

Without protection, guidance and support, they can become the statistics in sex trafficking, prostitution, poverty, homelessness and incarceration.  

The mission of the Legacy House is to 

"empower young women transitioning out of foster care into life legacies of their own."

Legacy House

They have a variety of ways you can get involved on their website including sponsoring a young women, becoming a mentor, or donating items from their needs list. 


Here's a few Fair Trade styling tips for your new earrings! 

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