Happy Birthday Purse & Clutch!

I seriously can't believe that this time two years ago we were just about to receive our very first order of handbags from a cool new fair trade company based out of India named JOYN. Time sure does fly by and I'm so excited to see how far Purse & Clutch has come in just two years. 

To celebrate, Stephanie Press, our amazing editorial photographer and stylist (and owner of Hold Vintage) dreamed up some really amazing photos to showcase the Luxe Collection from our two partner groups in Cambodia. How blessed we are to have Stephanie as a member of our team from the very beginning!

Purse & Clutch Photo Shoot 

As usual, the best lighting in in the early morning and this photo shoot was no exception! I woke up at 6:00am on Saturday morning. The sun just getting up as well. 

I had bought a helium tank the day before hoping to be awake enough to figure it out in my groggy early morning state - because, well what is a birthday photo shoot without balloons? And for those of you who know me personally, yes, these balloons are left over from my wedding last year! We're big on reusing around here! 

Purse & Clutch second birthday

Photo Shoot for Purse & Clutch

Happy Birthday Purse & Clutch!

Stephanie & Jordan, our intern, got to my apartment around 7:00 eager for coffee! The light was just right behind our curtains in our cleared out dining room. Steph did the makeup for this shoot and layered on the color - which turned out great juxtaposed with the pastel ikat handbags. 

We taped the balloons to the ground just right and set up the lighting. 

Setting up Purse & Clutch's Photo Shoot

Stephanie Press of Hold Vintage

Purse & Clutch Photo Shoot

As always with Stephanie's work, I'm so pleased with the final results. The pastel ikat convertible bags and the ikat zipper wallets look so whimsical and the bold silk & organza clutches really pop! Although this one most likely won't make it to a product page, I think this is my very favorite!

Jen struggling with balloons for Purse & Clutch's Photo Shoot

You can check out more photos from the shoot by browsing through the Luxe Collection


When I think of all of the people who have played such a pivotal role in Purse & Clutch these past two years I get unbelievably overwhelmed. So thank you. 

Thank you Jonathan for supporting us as I venture further out in the world of owning a business. 

Thank you Stephanie for sharing your unending creativity and talent again and again. 

Thank you Mark & Katherine for your incredible excitement in helping out in any way. I love seeing P&C through your eyes. 

Thank you Jordan for being my first intern and for your fresh perspective and company. 

Thank you to the Ardill & Lewis families for not thinking I'm crazy and for your continual encouragement. 

Thank you to Rachel for covering for me at trunk shows when I can't be two places at once.

Thank you to everyone who has joined in this community of people who are choosing to care for men and women in developing countries a world away. Your involvement is such an encouragement to me that we can make a difference through intentional business. 

Cambodian Silk Clutch Wallet

So have a piece of cake for us this month and help us celebrate two years of selling adorable handbags to help create jobs for the poor!


Purse & Clutch Owner Jen LewisAuthor: Jen Lewis is Owner & Director of Purse & Clutch. You can connect with Jen on . She has been running P&C since 2011 and gets excited about connecting resources to needs. 

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