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If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we just keep falling in love with different textile combinations! 

It's so much fun when we're packing for a trunk show to see the rich textures of a recycled Mayan blouse next to the subtle black and white intricate herringbone textile from Africa. One of the things we specifically look for when we search for new handbags to carry in the shop is one-of-a-kind, high quality artisanship. 

We thought it would be fun to take an up close look at the details of the textiles and appreciate the hard work that goes into making each one. 

(Click on any textile above and see how the artisans have incorporated their gorgeous fabrics into finished products!)

Mayan Clutch Purse

Recycled Mayan Blouse - handmade in Guatemala

Herringbone Textile

Herringbone Fabric - hand loomed in Uganda

Mint Arrow Ikat Fabic - hand dyed & hand loomed in Cambodia

Silk and Organza Fabric - handmade in Cambodia

Cotton Fabric- hand woven in Cambodia

Block Printed Cotton - hand spun, woven, and printed in India

Recycled Saris - hand stitched in India

Recycled Zunil Fabric Remnants - handmade in Guatemala

We love how even many of the textiles that are made in the same country, such different and unique techniques are used that they have a look completely their own!

Which textiles catch you eye? Do you think you could learn the art of hand looming, hand weaving, or hand block printing?! 

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