Ethical Outfit on the Fly?

I was in Houston this weekend for a Trunk Show and as I was driving from Austin, I realized that I only packed one outfit for a two day trip. 

Fair Trade Handbag

Definitely not the end of the world, but it got me looking at the stores I was passing by to see if I could find an ethical outfit on the go. My normal safe route is to go to a thrift store, but I wouldn't have a chance to wash the outfit before I wore it and a girl's gotta have standards. That's where I, personally, must draw the line!

It's easy to get frustrated at the lack of transparency of store's purchasing practices. Obviously Forever 21 and the like are out, but what about different brands within different stores? I didn't have time to research like I would want to, so I settled on TJ Maxx. 

ethical outfit

I thought that since they took designer brands that were overstocked that it was as second hand / ethical as good as I could do in an unfamiliar city. 

ethical shopping

cream tank top

I ended up with this classic, well made cream tank top (that my current wardrobe was missing) from Max Studio. Upon further research, there is absolutely NO information about how it's made on their website. The tag says it was made in Peru. Strike one?

Ethical Outfit

Bold Print Pants

I also snagged these bold printed polyester pants that are clearly made inexpensively and most likely won't last though the winter. San Souchi Brand, according to their website, makes sure that "in every aspect of the supply chain, the focus is on value, quality and fit." At least they actually had an "About" page. Made in China. Strike two?

I styled my new outfit with a pair of thrifted earrings I snagged with my mom a few years back, a pair of vintage heels I wore to my wedding, and one of our new Palm Clutches from Indonesia for a pop of Fair Trade color. 

Vintage Thrift Earrings

Purple Striped Fair Trade Clutch Purse

Conclusion: I did the best I could, but there are simply not enough ethical clothing retail shops to patronize.

Fashion with a Conscious

What have you found works when you're looking for an ethical outfit on the fly?

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