Guatemalan Leather Chic

I'm excited to introduce you my lovely friend Candice of OH! Fox Vintage for our next #HowDoYouStyleIt October Guest Blogger Series.  

Howdy there, I'm Candice.  I've got a knack for finding the most beautiful things in life in the most unique places. Two years ago this month, I began dreaming of a way to capture that gift and turn it into a business.  While creating OH! Fox Vintage certainly hasn't been an easy journey, I've learned more and challenged myself in a way that only entrepreneurship allows.  Want to join me on the journey?  Follow me here for my latest finds, from goblets to rugs to a sweet moment with my family.

Self employment is one huge wardrobe conundrum.  I hustle between buying in small town shops, which necessitates some old, well loved denim.  Cut offs?  Dare I say cut offs and tennis shoes? Other days, I'm meeting with clients at coffee shops or dropping off gorgeous vintage at their hotels. Needless to say, my work days demand a versatile bag that I can throw lip gloss into, with my phone, some cash and then hop in the car. 

Enter my life, Purse & Clutch. 

When I laid eyes on this gorgeous cross-body, I wanted it.  And it's not like I don't already have several versions - the old Dooney and Burke one from middle school, a similar style I bought on vacation in Mexico.  But the Purse & Clutch version is polished, perfectly small, and slides right across your shoulder.  And it's that color of leather that goes with everything.  And I mean everything.  

This first look channels a polished hippie vibe and comprises my dad's vintage Tom Petty t-shirt, a BCBG cream silk dress, and my very favorite J.Crew leather wedges.  The Purse & Clutch leather cross-body gives the flowy skirt and hanging t-shirt great structure.  I recently wore this outfit to lunch with a girlfriend and at home when I hosted a week night dinner party. It's obviously perfect for Austin's festival seasons, too....those weekends where you don't want your hands tied up and just want to enjoy the jams.  

The second look mirrors my everyday life - working from home or a coffee shop.  I thrifted that army green blazer, found the black dress at target, and polished the style off with Bacio 61 sandals.  I said it.  Sandals.  It's like 86 degrees here...And the Purse & Clutch bag was great for helping me get out of the door.  I just grabbed my laptop and my wallet and headed out - so care free!

How would you style this lovely leather pouchette?

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