A Challenge.

Reminder to slow down

Sure, there's always more to do. 

But as far as my new year resolution to "maintain well" - I'm at the end of my to do list & I'm already finding myself feeling like I could / should do more. 

Between sleepless nights after 3:00am, exclusively pumping & physical therapy appointments with my littlest, I'm not really getting much work done. And maybe that's okay for this season of Purse & Clutch

With larger partners like Causebox keeping our Ethiopian artisans working, Haven keeping our Mexican artisan working + a super fun collaboration with Elegantees in the works for May, everyone on my team is employed. 

Couple that with your incredible continual support through purchases & we're set up for another successful year, even in the middle of a pandemic that has halted in person markets. 

So why can't I sit on my couch
with a cup of coffee & drink it from start to finish?

If you find yourself in a similar place, let this be your reminder... your permission... to just sit for a moment & slow down.
Because you are not what you produce.

Jen Lewis
Founder + Executive Director | Purse & Clutch

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