A Gilmore Girls Guide to Fall Fashion 2016

by Sarah Dickard

Is anyone else excited about Gilmore Girls coming out with brand new episodes this Thanksgiving 2016?! Not only am I nostalgic for their witty commentary and girly story lines, I have missed their fashionable styles!

I remember watching this show in high school and admiring everything Lorelai Gilmore wore from her bandanas and baseball tee’s to her flair denims paired with a professional suit jacket and button down shirt. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these fall fashion 2016 styles show up in this upcoming Gilmore season.

Lorelai is an entrepreneur on the go with coffee in her hand and places to be. She always looks professional and ready at a moment’s notice to solve a complaint or attend to emergencies at the Dragonfly Inn. Tan, khaki, and plaid are making their way onto the runway, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lorelai strutting to work in a suit jacket sporting these patterns.

Surely by the end of these episodes we will know more about Lorelai’s love life and whether or not she was able to settle down with any of the great men who dote on her! She may show up to romantic dinners with summer accents of darker florals, bring back the classic choker, or wear a sleek velvet dress with her signature V-neck. 

Emily Gilmore was always hosting a party for her gal pals and gossiping over dinner and wine. Her prestigious nature and sensible personality perfectly fit her choice of pantsuits and business skirt attire. With election year coming to a close and Hilary Clinton sporting a similar combo, the pantsuit trends are back with more flair and a hip feel.

Once Rory shed her high school uniform after school, she dressed like a smart, sexy, and capable young women with big dreams. If it’s fall in stars hollow, I expect her to sport a vintage bomber jacket with some trendy statement furs.

We all want Rory to finally pick one of her lifetime lovers (Are you team Jess, Dean, or Logan?!) and we know a reunion of all these characters will take place this season! Which one will she choose to be her date or lifelong mate? If she is ready to show off her flair, she can choose from the fashion forward styles of sheer fabrics, off the shoulder long sleeves, or ruffles. Her personality needs clothing with a bold statement!  

While we are all wondering how many cups of coffee the Gilmore girls will drink or the man they will end up with, you can know for certain the 2016 fall fashions for your own job, date, or friend reunion.

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