Add years to the life of your Handbag!

One of the most common questions we get when someone is purchasing a leather handbag is how to take care of it well - which is absolutely the right question to be asking to make sure your handbag has a long, full life!

How to Clean Leather Handbags

We searched far & wide for a Leather Conditioner that was ethically produced, non-toxic & worked really, really well. We've finally found it & are excited to make it available to you!

All natural, clean & safe ingredients & processing include - 

  • Food Grade Seed OilsThe base ingredients that gently replenishes & invigorates leather
  • Triple Filtered Bees WaxAge-old waterproofer that protects & waterproofs naturally, as bees intended
  • Low Heat Infusion - Infused at low heat to emulsify in a way that ensures strong bonding
Deeply condition by infusing natural oils & lipids that rejuvenate leather. When leather is consistently conditioned it will resist scratches, wear marks & attain a beautiful patina over time. 

We recommend conditioning every three months. 

At just $10 a tin, add it to this Large Asymmetric Clutch to qualify for Free Shipping on US orders!

Large Asymmetric Clutch
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